Johnny Griparic is an Swedish-born bass player and session musician who currently lives in America. We are happy to welcome him back into the band! He has played with many different bands and artists such as Slash's Snakepit, BB Chung King & the Buddaheads, and Richie Kotzen. Johnny played bass for ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash's blues cover band Slash's Blues Ball before joining Slash's Snakepit in 1998. Johnny Endorses MarkBass, Cordial Cables, and Rotosound. Read his full biography HERE

Teddy is an American piano/harmonica player who has worked with many popular musicians, including: Carole King, Guns N’ Roses, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Alice Cooper, Bruce Willis, and the Boxing Gandhis. He currently tours as a member of Billy Bob Thornton's band, The Boxmasters. He was voted “Outstanding Keyboardist of the Year” by the L.A. Music Awards and currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Lisa Goich, an author. He is now joining Walter Trout on his upcoming tour this November.

Michael Leasure has held the drum chair Since 2008. You can see Michael Leasure and watch him play by by visiting Michael's Facebook Page.

Mike Leasure was born in Alhambra, California in 1968. He is the youngest of six children. He found his life's calling at the ripe old age of six while sitting in his mother's kitchen. His mother was doing the dishes while listening to the radio. At one point a Benny Goodman tune came on and the young boy, captivated by the drumming of Gene Krupa, picked up some pots and pans and began flailing away in accompaniment.

"It didn't take long for my mother to realize that I had some rhythm. She went out and bought me this toy drum kit out of the Sears catalogue. I set the drums up in our front yard and started beating on them and ended up putting my hands right through the drum heads. I basically destroyed those drums in a day. My mother bought me a more professional set out of The Recycler and those lasted..You can read Micheal's full biography HERE


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