Walter Premieres New Music Video for "Heartland" on Relix

Walter Trout’s new record, Ordinary Madness, is set to drop on Aug. 28. Today, we are premiering the video for the album’s track, “Heartland.” The video was filmed in Bakersfield, Calif., and it marks Trout’s first music video in 30 years.

“‘Heartland’ is a song about summoning the courage to follow your dreams,” Trout told Relix. “It’s the story of a young girl, but she could be anyone, who has come to a crossroads in their life. She realizes that to follow her dream to make more of her life requires stepping out alone, into the vast unknown. It’s about taking the great gamble.”

Ordinary Madness follows Trout’s 2019 record Survivor Blues, but the new record builds on his songwriting. “I wanted to make Survivor Blues to show my blues pedigree and my history of playing this music But that’s not all I am. I’m also a songwriter,” he explained via press release. “Of course, everything I do is based in the blues, and I’ll never turn my back on it. Ordinary Madness is a blues-rock album, but it’s also an evolution of my songwriting. The artists I respect most are the ones who seem to be fearless and push the envelope.”

“Everybody is dealing with something,” he continued. “And I’m no different from anybody else. Ordinary Madness doesn’t mean you’re gonna end up in a mental institution. It’s just being human. It’s common humanity.”

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