Why are you a blues fan?


Each fan has individual explanation and reasons. But there is also a common narrative of 21st century blues fans that is compiled in this book. Blues connects them to something "real" in a culture that isn't.


Modern blues fans find healing through their love of blues music. At the same time, blues doesn't do it the same way for everyone, it is constantly changing, merging, and synthesizing inner and outer realities. Blues music fans experience a range of benefits as the music offers temporary safe haven in a diffuse, disconnected, and fragmented world. It is music that moves them, offers identification with accessible musical heroes, and emotional connection to self, others, history, and often something intoxicatingly mysterious.


The blues really still hurts so good - it is not an antiquated, obsolete, or irrelevant genre although its main audience is different today than when African American musical inventors created the genre. This book shows that to some contemporary fans, the blues is still life-saving and sanity-restoring, for others it provides access to cathartic and mood-enhancing elements, but for all it offers a break to just let go and be.



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The Blues: Why it Still Hurts so Good - Book


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