Walter's Health and Tour Changes

Many of you have been asking about Walter's weight loss and health lately. We really appreciate all of your kind thoughts and inquiries and want to fill you in with what has been going on. Walter has just finished up a 4 day evaluation at the UCLA medical center and it has been determined that he has some liver damage which has contributed to recent weight and muscle loss, as well as some other health related issues. With his usual sense of humor Walter says:


“It seems like my early years of debauchery, lechery and partying has finally caught up with me.”

Walter has a great team of Doctors and has been prescribed medication that is helping him to get better each day. This has been caught early and with the proper diet and medication, Walter's prognosis is a good one.


For the upcoming tour of Europe in October and November, the doctors have cleared him to go with certain modifications put in place: The tour needs to be shortened – and there needs to be a few more days off in the middle part of the tour. Other than that, it is business as usual.

Walter is excited to get back on tour! He wants to play for his fans, especially right now. Playing for his fans is what he loves to do!


With proper care, we are told Walter should be just fine – and by next year we are told that he should be stronger and better than ever.



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