Walter Awaits Liver Transplant - The Vinyl Series Continues - #2 Ready For Shipping


Second in Series: Deep Trout

The celebration around Walter's 25th Anniversary as a solo artist was halted, when it became clear that Walter is too ill to partake in the celebrations. We have had to cancel the amazing tour of the USA, Australia and Europe planned for Walter and his band throughout 2014. Currently hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center in California, Walter battles for his life while waiting for a liver transplant. 

However, Walter wants the releases to continue as scheduled. He worked with the record label in the past many years preparing this year's releases. So the vinyl series continues - as does the release of the album Walter worked on until right before he was hospitalized. Also continuing as planned are a book release and a documentary on Walter's life. More on that in the months to come. The new album due to be released in June will be aptly titled: The Blues Came Callin'.

The second release in the vinyl series IS AVAILABLE NOW! Once it is gone - it will not be re-printed! Being released throughout 2014, and limited to only 2,000 copies per album worldwide, the collectible LP series is manufactured on high quality 180g vinyl. The albums will have a maximum of 20 minutes of music per side for enhanced sound quality.  

Here is a quote from Walter about it: "To have some of the best parts of my earlier recordings re-released and celebrated in high-quality audio, is a thrill of the highest order. There is something about re-hearing the music on vinyl - the warmth and the expansiveness of the sound takes me right back to the day it was recorded."  

The 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl series is available through our web store. It will be issued in Europe by Provogue / MLG on the following dates:


  • No More Fish Jokes (3/03) *STILL AVAILABLE* 

  • Deep Trout (4/07) *AVAILABLE NOW* 

  • The Outsider (5/05)

  • Positively Beale Street (7/07)

  • Breakin' The Rules (8/18)

  • Life In The Jungle (9/08)

  • Unspoiled By Progress (10/06)

  • Transition (11/03)

  • Prisoner of a Dream (12/01) 

  • Face The Music (12/15).


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