Walter Trout - A Very Special Interview

Battle Scars, Walter Trouts new Cd. So many wonderful reviews about this cd, so many wonderful interviews. In those interviews Walter talked about his cd and the first lyrics. I don’t know the words but it was something like “ How the beautiful the sunshine is …“. Not what he wanted. So he wrote new lyrics and talked about the pain, the long fight, that he had almost given up, that it almost was too much and that suddenly he was allowed to live. I didn’t want to talk about that. For one year we suffered with him. His first lyrics seemed to be boring. Recording, writing Battle Scars was a kind of therapy for Walter. But talking about that over and over again? There must be something else … the sun is shining! What good did that painful experience do for Walter? If you write about the sunshine you must feel it and you must enjoy it. For me just a very small clue, more a feeling, an idea but I wanted to talk to Walter Trout about that. Something very private. But talking about his Battle Scars was very private too. I was nervous and a bit afraid. I didn’t know if it would work out. Can I really do this in front of a microphone ? How will Walter react?


Thx Dominic Packulat

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