Walter Trout New CD Battle Scars - Second Track Preview

A few words about “Please Take Me Home” by Marie, Walter’s wife:

 Walter was so tired of fighting to survive. He couldn’t walk, he couldn’t talk, at times he couldn’t even remember the names of his children. This song is about him wanting to just escape the pain, the humiliation, and the uncertainty. Walter sings about wanting to go “home.” And here it has both a literal and a figurative meaning: he just wanted to escape. It is a song that is especially powerful to me, because it speaks to how much I wanted to give Walter what he wanted: to just rest in my arms. At the same time I knew that if I did, he wouldn’t survive. He needed to stay in that hospital and struggle on. Each day, he had to face his pain and uncertainty – and that was what I needed to help him do.
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