Musipedia of Metal - Survivor Blues Review


Walter Trout: Survivor Blues (Provogue Records - 2019) [Matt]

Be careful how you vote, on every election day, because the one you vote for, might just let you down" the lyrics to the second track on Walter Trout's new album has a prophetic message that's more relevant today than it was when Sunnyland Slim wrote it. However it's not an album of political statements, it is actually another blues covers album but Trout being the blues aficionado he is, he's decided on taking some deep cuts for this record, not the tried and tested songs that appear everywhere. From the tour-de-force playing shown on Me, My Guitar And The Blues (originally by Jimmy Dawkins) to the simmering Red Sun and the louche Out Of Bad Luck (Magic Sam). These covers are faithfully recreated but with all the power of Trout's US blues mastery, he is a survivor in the truest sense of the term if you know anything about his history with liver failure, then you'll understand that. Also though here that word takes a new meaning as he's helping these obscure blues numbers survive in the best way possible, Survivor Blues is a great blues record that sees Trout on top form.



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