Liverpool Sound and Vision - Survivor Blues Review

Walter Trout, Survivor Blues. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10



A hero will take all the punches that life throws at them and still smile, they will see the fight and revel in the prospect of rebelling against the melancholy of being thought of as just another enduring spectacle to which Time soon allows to fade, no matter how hard they pressed on with their love and passions.

It is though the afterthought in which the Survivor Blues comes across, the once seemingly forgotten, the beat that goes beyond endurance, and yet is lovingly put to the back burner of memory; the so called cool songs forever being performed to the point of expiration, the truly beautiful left, like love, to gather dust till someone with the right frame of mind and experience comes along to make them glow with pride once more.


Be careful how you vote, be sincere in your choice of memories and as for the effervescent Walter Trout the thought of surviving is more than just taking a selection of songs in which Time has found to be alluring in their dotage, instead it is, and always has been, about making a stand, ferocious, unrepentant and stunningly beautiful, a man who knows how to make a guitar sing for all its worth because he is no ordinary man, no average artist.


Across a range of forgotten Blues memories, Walter Trout raises the intensity against the despair felt by the overlooked, and instead creates a sense of belonging, that any song can be covered, that the usual fare adored by many soon becomes depressingly familiar. In this act of sheer determination to highlight other songs from the genre, Walter Trout does more than see them survive, he gives them reason to be merciless, to penetrate deep into the heart of the fan.


In songs such as Be Careful How You Vote, Woman Don’t Lie, Nature’s Disappearing, Something Inside of Me, Out Of Bad Luck and Goin’ Down To The River, it is the enduring love of the songs, of the genre, in which this particular mission has been met head on and fulfilled with typical Walter Trout grace and meaning.


This is more than a survivor raising musical memories, this is Walter Trout at his finest, performing in his own yard, and seeing the Blues as the joy that it is.



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