Rock n' Load - Survivor Blues Review

Walter Trout – Survivor Blues – Album Review


Walter Trout had a unique vision, rather than regurgitating the usual Blues standards he wanted to produce a fine album of personal favourites that have spoke to him over the years. Survivor Blues was born, a passion project like no other. Trout is well established as one of the finest Bluesmen around with a who’s who of collaborations and a wealth of experience that many would die for, but with his latest offering he showcases something deeper than simply laying down a covers album.


His playing is sublime throughout, shining a light on his versatility as a player and bringing some Trout magic to the fore. The album opener ‘Me My Guitar And The Blues’ is a fine example, a beautiful track written by cult hero Jimmy Dawkins that Trout devoured back in the 60’s has been given a fresh leash of life with Trout’s majestic hands. There’s solo work and runs that take the breath away. ‘Be Careful How You Vote’ by Sunnyland Slim is as relevant today as ever, there is a fine collection of tracks on this album to engage the listener regardless of your preference as to style of Blues you prefer, a nice balance throughout.


The album has plenty of peaks and valleys across the twelve tracks that keep you engaged and of course there is no shortage of slick guitar playing to blow your mind. He may be one of the old guard but he’s a classy player that you simply cannot ignore with a touch and technique many would die for.




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