Week 4 - Survivor Blues History

Week 4: "Sadie"

Originally by Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor

(April 12, 1915 – December 17, 1975)



 Walter Talks About the Song: 


"Taylor was born in Natchez, Mississippi. He moved to Chicago in 1942. He was famous among guitar players for having six fingers on both hands. The extra fingers were rudimentary and could not be moved. One night, while drunk, he cut off the extra digit on his right hand using a straight razor. He started performing in Chicago in small clubs in 1957. He performed with Little Walter and Koko Taylor among others. In 1971, his debut album, "Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers", was the first release on Alligator Records, which Bruce Iglauer initially created specifically to showcase Taylor.


After the release, Taylor toured nationwide and performed with Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Big Mama Thornton, and others. Taylor’s most famous song, “Give Me Back My Wig,” has been covered by numerous artists (yours truly included – it is on my album Hardcore). I was drawn to the song, "Sadie" because of the groove and the guitar lick that the song is built on. I also thought the lyrics told a great story of a broken relationship."


Taylor's Version:


Our Version:



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