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Walter Trout
Infinity Music Hall – Hartford, CT
February 8, 2019


Walter Trout released his newest album “Survivor Blues” this week it climbed to number one on already Billboard Charts almost instantly. It’s blues #1 for the week of February 9th.

Trout has a half century career playing with the blues greats. He started with Canned Heat, John Lee
Hooker and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and has assembled an impressive array of achievements in his decades of performances.


For his newly released album and this concert Trout was proud to bring back a few of the long forgotten and never adequately acknowledged songs from past blues greats and talented blues artists who’s songs were great but not put out in the mainstream. These are covers, but covers of those that haven’t been done in the mainstream multiple times so they are new to many of us. As with many songs when one is covered it is covered over and over by various artists. Kudos to Trout for digging in the vault of great songs long mostly unheard and bringing them back to the light of day.


Trout sang a wonderful rendition of “Me, My Guitar and The Blues” it was so soulful and powerful
emotionally that even Trout was caught up in the song. As the song ended Trout himself began to break down and wiped away a tear that streamed down his cheek. He acknowledged as he finished the last notes that the song did a number on him and he needed a moment to collect himself before continuing. It was touching and so human. His comments emotionally connected him to the audience and showed his love of a great song and the emotions it brings out in everyone including the singer. His honestly about his reaction to the music was not lost on the audience and he was greeted with cheers and applause.

Being the ever professional performer Trout gathered himself launched into a more up tempo song. From there he and the band progressed through many obscure tunes that aren’t usually done as covers by blues artists. This complement the whole concept of his new album “Survivor Blues.”


Trout took time to completely lay out there his struggles with liver failure, near death, liver transplant and the long, long road to recovery of his life and career. He is thankful and happy to continue to tour and play well into the future.


Walter Trout is a winner of multiple Blues Music Awards, Lifetime British Blues Awards, SENA Guitar Award, #1 Billboard Blues Chart topper.


During the final song of the show Trout invited Gales to come back onstage and finish out the concert
with him. Both artists know what it means to almost lose your life as well as the career they worked so
hard for their entire lives. They were genuinely grateful and gave the audience a fantastic performance. This is some of the best blues guitar you will see and if you get the chance to catch either or both performers don’t hesitate.


Review by Donna Erichsen
Photos by George Bekris


I’m Back (Luther Allison cover)
Me, My Guitar And The Blues
Be Careful How You Vote (Sunnyland Slim cover)
Almost Gone
Sadie (Hound Dog Taylor & The HouseRockers cover)
Do You Still See Me at All


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