"Survivor Blues" is #8 in "The 50 Best Rock Albums of 2019"



8. Walter Trout Band: Survivor Blues

By rights, Survivor Blues should be a posthumous release; between them, Walter Trout and his band can boast rogue livers, triple bypasses and a thousand booze-sodden brushes with oblivion. and that talent for escapology not only gives Survivor Blues its title, it also lifts a potentially workaday covers album above its station, flooding every track with hard-won soul. 

Critically, Trout knows when to doff his cap and when to deface his heroes – so Luther Johnson’s Woman Don’t Lie is turned into a dirty funk workout, while Be Careful How You Vote is revved up with palpable spite, Trout seemingly on the brink of breaking from Sunnyland Slim’s lyric to tear strips off the politicos. These dead men walking make one hell of a sound.




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