Planet Rocktober: Walter Trout Show Review



Well what can be said that hasn't already been said about this absolute supreme Bluesman of the 20th and now 21st Century since not many can come close to his absolutely mesmerising and utterly mind-blowing flowing guitar work and gutsy voice to match. I know it sounds so damn cliched but this cat can make a guitar talk!


Apart from the man himself, what also struck me immediately was the cream of the crop brilliance of his band that featured the legendary Teddy 'Zig Zag' Andreadis of Guns 'N' Roses fame on the keys, making it even more of a great reason to have come to the show.


He even blew out some top dollar harp at one point too during the cracking 'Almost Gone' – magnificent! His Bassist and Drummer weren't too shabby either in the form of Johnny 'Blackout' Griparic & Micheal Leasure respectively – in fact they were effin immense!


90 or so minutes seem to go in about 5 when Trout is in town because he takes you on this incredible musical journey of soaring, soulful and emotional songs of varied tempos but all from the deep notions of the blues plus varied stories behind various songs. Many of those talking moments are so incredibly emotional especially when he talks about how he lost his memory and ability to play and had to relearn from scratch which took many months.


Or how he was inspired by his near death experience whereby the actually left his body, looked down on it and was asked by angels if he wanted to live or not – he said he wanted to live and shot back into his body again and felt immediately like dogsh*t – his words, not mine that inspired the stomping 'Fly Away' from the 'Battle Scars' album.


Walter also told us what it was like dealing with a war veteran stepdad who used to drink bad and beat his Mum up, causing him and his Brother to hide away from him before the moderate tempo'd of 'Saw My Mama Cryin' – they say the blues often comes from traumatic experiences – you aren't kidding.


Other highlights of the whole set apart from all of it (but that's too easy to say that, although true) are the opening fired up from the first note 'I Can Tell' where his Fender Stratocaster is rawed and wailed up to the max, especially during the solo; the gorgeous balled 'Common Ground'; the gutsy ZZ Top meets Status Quo like 'Playin' Hideaway' or the beautiful tear-jerking cover of Bob Dylan's Gospel classic 'I Shall Be Released'.

At the end of the show there was an encore with a to-die-for jam where they did a stonkin' version of 'Going Down' that was made famous by the legendary Jeff Beck that saw both Dan Patlansky & Kris Barras joining him on stage and his Tour Manager, Andrew Elt (formerly of Sleeze Beez) also joined on Guitar/Vocals.


It's not often I am really buzzed after a gig but this one was definitely one of those many rare occasions that doesn't happen very often when you review as many gigs over the years as what I have done. He makes it look easy which is the mark of a fine guitarist and then there was his ambling on the stage and those amazing faces that he pulls while in the Solo zones.

In the top ten of best ever covered shows for sure – now that's some bold statement right there! We were even treated to a complimentary meet and greet here after the show – the way it should be!


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